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The scope of our services include: laser cutting, bending , painting, , fastener pressing, profiles cutting and processing different materials on the 5 axis milling plotter.
Additionally we have cutting plotter with creasing function and automatic production line for electronics boards (SMT technology).

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Sheet metal cutting

On 2D fiber laser cutter

Powder painting

On autmatic line


On press brake

Creasing cutting milling

On plotters

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Laser cutting

We are offering professional sheets cutting services on the 2D Fiber laser cutting machine with linear drives for following materials:
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

Additionally machine has printer to make marks on each parts with any logo, code etc. Marking process is giving possibility for very fast identification of each part.

Fiber laser specification:

  • Table: 3000 mm x 1500 mm
  • Max sheet weight: 900 kg
  • Max sheet thickness:
    • Steel: 12 mm cutting speed: 12 mm/s
    • Aluminum: 4 mm cutting speed: 28 mm/s
    • Stainless steel: 6 mm cutting speed: 18 mm/s
  • Max speed in X & Y axis: 5 m/s
  • Max cutting speed: 250 mm/s
  • Drives: linear
  • Linear scales accuracy: 0,000001 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: 0,005 mm/m
  • Repeatability: 0,002 mm
  • Cutting accuracy: 0,05 mm/m

Printer specification (integrated with machine):

  • Print height: 27 mm
  • Part height: 70 mm


We are offering bending on the servo electric press brake
with pressure force 1000kN (100 t)

Press brake specification:

  • CNC axis: 6
  • Pressure force: 1000 kN (100 t)
  • Max bending length: 3000 mm
  • Drives: fully servo electric
  • Daylight: 590 mm
  • Bending speed: 10 mm/s
  • Return speed: 75 mm/s
  • Backgauge repeatability: +/- 0,02 mm

Fastener pressing

We are make different fastener pressing using pneumatic press.

Main features fastener press:

  • Possibility to assembly pressed fasteners up to M10
  • Possibility to assembly pressed fasteners up to M12 aluminum
  • No limits of the length of pins, sleeves
  • Pressure force: 5,3t

Powder painting

Different parts can be painted on the automatic powder painting line.

In order to achieve the best results of the coating, parts pass through several processes, prior to curing the lacquer coating.

Specification of automatic powder coating line:

  • Max parts dimensions:
    • Width: 300 mm
    • Length: 1000 mm
    • Height: 1600 mm
  • Technological line cycle:
    • Pretreatment – surface preparation (spraying)
    • Drying in the oven
    • Painting – powder coating applying in the cabin
    • Polymerization in an oven
    • Cooling
  • Materials:
    • Mild steel
    • Aluminum (with special detergents)
  • Line capacity: 1800 m2 of sheets per 8 h

Profile cutting

We are offering cutting of the profiles with different materials: steel, aluminum, PCV

Technical data:

  • Profile cutting on equal segments in range from 10 mm up to 1000 mm
  • Cutting accuracy: 0,8 mm
  • Dimensions of profiles:
    • Max cutting height: 225 mm
    • Pipe: 225 mm
    • Square: 200mm x 200mm
    • Rectangle: 300mm x 175mm

Cardboard cutting creasing

Our machine is suitable for cardboard cutting together with folds creasing.
To do it we are using cutting plotter with creasing function

Machine destination:

  • Cardboard cutting
  • Cardboard creasing to achieve the bending line in paperboards and cardboards

Additional possibilities of plotter

  • Different material cutting:
    • Rubber
    • Paper
    • Foam
    • Sponge
    • Cloth
    • Leather
  • engraving
  • milling

Technical data

  • Working table: 2100mm x 3100mm
  • Z axis range: 100mm
  • Vacuum table
  • Positioning camera
  • Oscillating head
  • Creasing head
  • Automatic tool correction

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